Multi-talented sourcing “business creation” executive driving shareholder value for multiple top-tier consultancy firms.  Executive experience at major consultancy companies such as IBM, EDS, and CGI. Healthcare and procurement sourcing experience at Cigna.
REVENUE GENERATION: $7B of new business generated; Led multiple $100m+ deals to close.
STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT: Created and executed CGI’s U.S. integrated (ITO/ADM/BPO) U.S. managed services strategy. Grew US  business from $0 to over $1B within 5 years.
SALES MANAGEMENT: Led a 25+ person sales/account executives organization that success-fully built pipeline and sold large deals to new and current clients – $2B in wins; exceeded targets.
OUTSOURCING EXPERT: Comprehensive knowledge of infrastructure, applications and business processing services; proven ability to lead, drive, negotiate and close complex multi-tower,multi-function opportunities.
BUYER PROCUREMENT/SUPPLY CHAIN: Sourcing lead for procurements of >$2.5B, developer of corporate-wide sourcing strategies. De-veloped Cigna’s globalization strategic sourcing strategies for ITO and BPO; savings >$50M.


Mr. Filak has lived in Plano for more than 25 years and is a former board member of the Plano Symphony Orchestra. He and his family recently returned from living in Asia for 2 years. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Mr. Filak had extended business dealings in Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, China and Singapore. In addition, Mr. Filak has previous business experience working in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Eastern Europe, France, India, Mexico, Philippines,  Spain, Sweden, and UK. These international experiences have provided Mr. Filak a unique world view and has helped formulate his vision of how to compete in a global economy.

Mr. Filak received a Masters of Music along with an MBA from the State University of New York at Binghamton and a BA from St. Vincent University in Latrobe PA. He has composed the music for 3 produced musicals including “Choices” that ran off-Broadway (with a cast that included Natalie Portman). He has been a participant in the Van Cliburn Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs.

Mr. Filak has been married to his wife, Carolyn, for 23 years and has two daughters – Kristen a student at Collin College, and Alexandra, a student at Renner Middle School.